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Available Collections

Data is gradually being added to this online database, accessible by SFHG members using the username/password provided. For further information please see www.sfhg.uk/
All the baptismal data that is in the current database is on this site, and new data is being added as it is added to the database. There are known problems in using location filters in searching this database and browsing is therefore recommended. Any queries to baptisms@sfhg.uk
Many are now on the database. Any queries to burials@sfhg.uk
Monumental inscriptions
Monumental inscriptions are held by tombstones and members can have searches made by emailing tombstones@sfhg.uk
Census data
A start has been made in adding Census data.
Sussex Marriages up to 1837 are available on CD and USB stick.
Sussex People Index
The data as at February 2019 has been uploaded. On having an Index result you should be able to click on the Entry link to see the Entry Summary and on the Source link to see the Source Details. You must be in View for this.
If the result in which you are interested is from the Sussex People Index, click on the View icon to the left of the result.
You must be logged in to view the Entry Summary.
You may browse the entries with the table 000017-191596.
You may browse the sources with the table sources of data
The search for locations needs to be exact; probably best to browse.
Please let spi@sfhg.uk know of any difficulties in doing this. 7 March 2019. Judy Excell


If you find this site useful then why not offer to help with transcribing records.
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